Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hale's Kitchen: Jule's Gluten Free Flour Pizza Crust

In this month's edition of the magazine, we have a new feature: Hale's Kitchen. A new monthly video series featuring Hunter Hale, our teen chef in residence, teaching a cooking class. This month's recipe is for Jule's GF Flour pizza crust (our favorite so far). In this month's video, Hunter shows us how to make both Jule's GF Flour pizza crust and turn it into a pepperoni pizza. We are so excited to have two fantastic video cooking classes - Cybele Pascal's allergy friendly webisodes and now, Hunter in Hale's Kitchen.


Nikki said...

That was great!! I can't wait to try this recipe out with my own teens! The crust looks really good and crisp. Thanks for the video!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! My boys are going to try it now. Looks great. Fantastic job.

Anonymous said...

Hunter, you are quite an entertaining young man! I loved your demo!!! I will have to try this myself! I never knew there was GF yeast. Do you cook this way for yourself because you need to eat GF? You will be such a saving grace to us as you get older... Maybe you can be a gf Master Chef!