Monday, April 4, 2011

Menu Monday: Spring Dinner Menu

Everything about this menu screams "fresh!" and "spring is HERE!"so why not take it for a test drive this week? The crisp apples and creamy gorgonzola make a perfect pair, but instead of being set atop a fresh arugula salad with candied walnuts and a nice vinaigrette (yum...), here they make for bite-sized appetizers perched on crispy garlicky bread slices - oh and for something much quicker, easier (and maybe even a little better...) try using slices of Udi's Bread cut into triangles instead of baking a whole loaf of French bread just for the occasion.

And really, what says spring like these pristine coconut cupcakes?

Bruschetta with Gorgonzola & Apples
Spring Risotto with Artichokes
Chicken with Lemon Shallot Sauce
Coconut Cupcakes

Photo by Jamieanne

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