Monday, September 6, 2010

From Peking to Paris, Join Glutenfreeda in Raising International Celiac and Gluten-Intolerant Awareness

Starting Friday, September 10th, Glutenfreeda will be racing from Peking to Paris, along the old Silk Road to raise celiac disease and gluten-intolerance awareness. The route covers over 8,900 miles through 11 countries: China, Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekhistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy and France and Glutenfreeda will be there all the way. Our cars, #60 driven by Douglas Mackinnon and Anastasia Karavaeva and #77 driven by Vilnis Husko and James Kabrich, will sport the Glutenfreeda logo from bumper to bumper!

The race was established in 1907 to "drive the impossible", before the Trans-Siberian railway had been built. There were no roads for the first 5,000 miles, instead participants raced across the open country. For the inaugural race, the participants hoped that this would provide incontrovertible proof of the power held by man and machine, proving international borders were but a nominal boundary. Of the five cars which set out from Peking, four made it back to Paris safely. Although this incredible challenge was first issued over a century ago, the 2010 motor challenge marks only the 3rd attempt since the 1907 inaugural run.

Since 1999, Glutenfreeda has supported the gluten-free lifestyle through education, the largest gluten-free recipe database on the web, and innovative new food: we make gluten-free delicious... It's what we do!

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