Monday, March 17, 2008

Irish Treasures

In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, we wanted to take our users on an adventure to the beautiful country of Ireland. Interestingly enough, Ireland happens to have a very high rate of Celiacs (1 in 300 people). So amongst the beautiful, historical castles, the lush green pastures, crystal clear streams and breathtaking mountain slopes, lies a country rich in food and folk lore - both of which we all can enjoy!

Ireland is rich in agriculture - in particular, turnips, potatoes, sugar beets, beef and diary products, not to mention wheat and barley. Although you may immediately think of a corned beef and hash followed by a thick stout beer - there are actually many Irish feasts that the gluten-intolerant can enjoy. Take a look at this months Sheppards Pie - traditionally made with lamb, we modified the recipe using beef. This is perfect for those "meat and potato" kind of people. On the lighter side, we turned to the sea -
Poached Salmon with Vegetables. This one dish meal is very easy to prepare and low fat and quite delicious. For those looking to warm up on those cool spring evenings, try the comforting Zucchini and Potato Chowder. And finally, saving the best for last...try the Irish Beef Filet with Spring Vegetables. This is by far one of our favorite meals...a tender filet mignon, served on top of mashed potatoes with green onions, surrounded by roasted vegetables and topped with a delicious, savory sauce. Definitely suitable for company or a special dinner to celebrate.

This March enjoy some wonderful Irish dishes and perhaps learn a little about a beautiful country rich in history and folk lore. If you would like to learn more about Ireland visit

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